From party trays to entire dinners, Wagner’s does it all. In addition to the party trays and hor d’oeuvres listed, we also feature a huge variety of main and side dishes perfect for any party. We custom-create party trays and meals to suit your needs. Pick up or delivery is available and a 24- hour notice is appreciated. We have all the right containers to keep your hot foods hot and your cold foods cold.

For more information on our wedding and event catering packages, download this PDF.

Easy to Order
Come in and visit us and let our experienced staff help plan your party or gift. You can also order by phone by calling our Minster store at 419-628-3537 or fax 628-4727 and our Ft. Loramie store by calling 937-420-3537 or fax 937-420-2001.

24-hour notice is appreciated. Visa, Mastercard, Discover or debit cards accepted.

    Delivery & Rental Charges
  • Within the corporation limit of the store you've ordered from: $5.00
  • 3-mile radius around the store you've ordered from for orders up to $400.00: $15.00
  • There is no charge for orders over $400.00 (within 3 miles)
  • Deliveries over 3 miles from Wagner's will be charged according to size of the order and distance from store.
  • We provide free delivery for funeral orders
  • Cam Carriers: $5.00 each / per day

Select a department below to view its specific offerings and pricing:

Deli Dept. Seafood Dept.
Produce Dept. Bakery
Heat & Serve, Hot & Cold Meal Time Favorites Wagner’s Sausage Kitchen and Smokehouse

From Our Deli


A delectable tray for sandwiches featuring lean ham and tender roast beef. This tray also offers American and Sandwich Swiss cheeses all surrounding tasty Italian Pasta Salad.

Sm: $35.00-Serves 10-14 | Med: $50.00-Serves 16-20 | Lg: $65.00-Serves 22-26


Beauty and simplicity make this tray a winner for any occasion. Sandwich sliced lean ham and mild Baby Swiss are set off by a center of cubed Colby cheese.

Sm: $35.00-Serves 10-14 | Med: $50.00-Serves 16-20 | Lg: $65.00-Serves 22-26


Wagner’s storemade salads are the highlight of this eye appealing tray. Featuring Wagner’s Potato Salad and Cole Slaw along with Three Bean Salad and Pasta Salad this tray is sure to have something for everyone.

Sm: $25.00-Serves 10-15 | Med: $35.00-Serves 15-25 | Lg: $45.00-Serves 25-35


Highlighting several of the old stand-bys, this tray offers a taste tempting assortment of P&P Loaf, Dutch Loaf, and Bologna surrounding Wagner’s Storemade Potato Salad.

Sm: $30.00-Serves 10-14 | Med: $40.00-Serves 16-20 | Lg: $50.00-Serves 22-26


This elegant tray was designed with the health conscious in mind. Delicious lean honey ham & honey smoked turkey breast are joined by colby, yogurt & Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese. Palate pleasing fresh fruit is at the center of this tray.

Sm: $40.00-Serves 10-14 | Med: $55.00-Serves 16-20 | Lg: $70.00-Serves 22-26


shrimpThis meat tray for sandwiches features an excellent ensemble of flavors from premium quality lunch meats including lean honey ham, honey smoked turkey breast, tender roast beef and corned beef.

Sm: $35.00-Serves 10-14 | Med: $45.00-Serves 16-20 | Lg: $55.00-Serves 22-26


This enticing tray features everyone’s favorites. Deli sliced roast beef, honey ham and honey smoked turkey breast are served along with delicious colby and baby swiss cheeses and garnished with fresh grape tomatoes.

Sm: $30.00-Serves 10-14 | Med: $45.00-Serves 16-20 | Lg: $60.00-Serves 22-26


A layer of refried beans, followed by our storemade seasoned taco sauce and topped with freshly chopped lettuce, tomatoes and shredded taco cheese, this tray is a real party pleaser. Nacho chips are included with this tray, which is perfect for sporting event parties.

Sm: $20.00-Serves 8-12 | Med: $30.00-Serves 14-18 | Lg: $40.00-Serves 20-25


This party pleaser offers cubed bread surrounding your choice of spinach or dill dip. Have this tray made just how you like it with your choice of pumpernickel or hawaiian bread or mix it up with one of each.

One Size: $20.00-Serves 20-25


Served on festive frilled toothpicks; this tray combines a medley of great flavors into one bite. Dried beef or ham rolled with cream cheese and green onion are especially terrific for an evening snack.

Sm: $25.00-Serves 14-18 | Med: $40.00-Serves 20-30 | Lg: $55.00-Serves 30-40


Perfect for lunch, sporting event parties and catered meetings. You choose the meats, cheeses, and bakery fresh breads and buns to serve your needs. The condiment tray perfectly complements our sandwich tray.

Priced By Order


A Wagner’s specialty; our storebaked round french bread is packed full of extra lean ham, hard salami, turkey breast and american & swiss cheese. Served on a party tray and topped with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mild banana pepper rings. Perfect for a quick dinner or great to carry in to any gathering. A generous cup of Italian dressing is placed in the center of the sub.

One Size: $13.99-Serves 4-6


shrimpThis tray features colby, baby swiss, co-jack, muenster and american cheeses cut just right to serve on your favorite sandwiches. This tray is the perfect companion for The Super.

Sm: $20.00-Serves 20-25 | Med: $30.00-Serves 26-35 | Lg: $40.00-Serves 36-45


All your favorites are featured here and cut to the perfect size to serve on any of your favorite crackers. These colorful cheeses taste as wonderful as they look! Includes colby, baby swiss, co-jack, hot pepper, american and smoked swiss cheeses.

Sm: $20.00-Serves 15-20 | Med: $30.00-Serves 20-30 | Lg: $40.00-Serves 30-40


Made with our bakery fresh white and wheat bread; this tray is perfect for any occasion. Sandwiches are filled with Wagner’s All White Meat Chicken Salad, cooked ham and turkey breast and arranged beautifully on a party platter with edible garnishes.

Sm: $30.00-Serves 8-12 | Med: $40.00-Serves 14-18 | Lg: $50.00-Serves 20-30


Party perfect appetizer or late evening snack; cubed colby, baby swiss and co-jack cheeses are joined by extra lean ham, storemade summer sausage and hard salami for effortless elegance.

Sm: $30.00-Serves 14-18 | Med: $40.00-Serves 20-25 | Lg: $55.00-Serves 28-35


shrimpOur most popular, the meat & cheese tray for crackers is perfect for anytime snacking! Featuring a delightful array of meats and cheeses; this tray includes Wagner’s summer sausage, extra lean ham, smoked turkey breast, colby, baby swiss and smoked swiss cheeses. For added flair; the large tray also includes hard salami and co-jack cheese.

Sm: $20.00-Serves 10-14 | Med: $30.00-Serves 18-24 | Lg: $40.00-Serves 28-35


Rolled sandwiches made with a variety of fillings to complement the soft cracker bread they are rolled in to. Available in three combinations; you choose the perfect combination for your party and we’ll do the rest! The three flavors available are ham & swiss, smoked turkey breast & american and roast beef & swiss. All varieties include lettuce, tomatoes and flavorful sauce.

Sm: $25.00-Serves 15-20 | Med: $35.00-Serves 20-30 | Lg: $45.00-Serves 30-40


shrimpOur delicious storemade cheeseballs are served on a bed of leaf lettuce and adorned with a seasonal garnish. This tray is guaranteed to please with your choice of up to three of our Wagner's Signature cheeseballs. Choices include our ever popular dried beef cheeseballs, apricot pepper cheeseballs and a large variety of nutted cheeseballs. Call or stop in for current selections.

Sm: $20.00-Serves 15-20 | Med: $30.00-Serves 20-30 | Lg: $40.00-Serves 30-40


shrimpPerfect to serve along with a deli sandwich tray; our condiment tray features freshly sliced lettuce, tomatoes and onions along with dill pickles, sweet pickle midgets and black olives. Your favorite sandwich spreads dollopped into fresh peppers offer eye appeal & convenience.

Priced By Order


Made on our freshly baked french bread; our Super Subs are stuffed with a great taste combination of lunch meats along with swiss and american cheeses. Top with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes and mild pepper rings to create the perfect sandwich.

One Size: $12.99-Serves 4-6


Wagner’s delicious heat & serve wingettes are available in 3 flavors - fried, bar-b-que and hot. Wagner’s Wingers are sure to be a hit at any occasion.

.79¢ Each

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From Our Seafood Dept.


seafoodPerfect for any gathering, this tray features ready-to-eat shrimp and imitation crab sticks on a bed of leaf lettuce and surrounds a bowl of our storemade cocktail sauce. Garnished with fresh lemon slices for fantastic eye appeal.

Sm: $30.00-Serves 10-12 | Med: $45.00-Serves 15-20 | Lg: $65.00-Serves 25-30


Our crab meat pizza provide a delicious blend of cream cheese and our storemade cocktail sauce topped with flaked imitation crab meat. Serve with your favorite crackers for a delicious snack.

Sm: $10.00-Serves 8-10 | Med: $15.00-Serves 12-18 | Lg: $20.00-Serves 20-25


shrimpThis beautiful tray, garnished with fresh lemon slices, includes mounds of large and medium ready-to-eat shrimp surrounding a bowl of our storemade cocktail sauce.

Sm: $35.00-Serves 8-12 | Med: $50.00-Serves 14-18 | Lg: $66.00-Serves 20-25


Our shrimp pizza provide a delicious blend of cream cheese and our storemade cocktail sauce topped with popcorn shrimp. Serve with your favorite crackers for a delicious snack.

Sm: $12.00-Serves 8-12 | Med: $17.00-Serves 14-18 | Lg: $22.00-Serves 20-25

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From Our Produce Dept.


shrimpA cool refreshing treat; this eye appealing tray includes delicious strawberries, plump juicy grapes, mouth watering honeydew, cantaloupe and ripe pineapple with a delicious creamy fruit dip.

4 Servings per lb. @ $4.29 lb ($15.00-$45.00)


This party-perfect tray includes fresh-cut carrots, celery, cauliflower and radishes along with sweet pickle midgets, dill pickle spears, and green and black olives. Perfectly garnished with fresh grape tomatoes.

Sm: $20.00-Serves 20 | Med: $25.00-Serves 25 | Lg: $30.00-Serves 30 | ExLg: $35.00-Serves 40


Fresh-cut fruits perfectly compliment deli fresh cheeses. Strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe and grapes share the spotlight with cubed co-jack, cheddar and muenster cheeses.

Sm: $20.00-Serves 12-15 | Med: $30.00-Serves 15-24 | Lg: $40.00-Serves 25-35


shrimpFresh-cut celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and radishes surround our delicious creamy ranch vegetable dip for a perfect appetizer or snack.

Sm: $20.00-Serves 20 | Med: $25.00-Serves 25 | Lg: $30.00-Serves 30 | ExLg: $35.00-Serves 40


Our custom-made gift baskets are perfect any time of year. Great for any occasion, give one to a hospital patient, shut-in or anyone on your gift list. Our baskets are made with the finest hand-picked fruit. Every basket is custom-made to suit your needs. Add anything you prefer such as our storemade summer sausages or smoked meats, wine, cheese or crackers. For a nice touch, add a box of Esther Price Chocolate candies.

Fruit, Vegetable, and Meat & Cheese Baskets are custom made to your specifications. Prices start at $15.00


Finally, a perfect gift for the health conscious. Include all of your favorite fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, celery, potatoes, head lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes. Fat-free vegetable dip may be added to suit your needs.

Vegetable Baskets are custom made to your specifications. Prices start at $15.00


This specialty gift basket includes our storemade german style summer sausage, “Wagner’s Pride” homestyle canned beef, our storemade german style smoked sausage, colby or co-jack cheese, and munster pumpernickel bread.

Meat & Cheese Baskets are custom made to your specifications. Prices start at $15.00


A cool refreshing treat; this bowl includes delicious strawberries, plump juicy grapes, mouth watering honeydew, cantaloupe and ripe pineapple with a delicious creamy fruit dip.

4 Serving per lb. @ $4.29 lb

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From Our Bakery


Hot desserts available include our delicious cinnamon baked apples along with several flavors of fruit cobblers. We also feature an eye and palate pleasing storemade cherry cheesecake along with Eli’s famous cheesecakes by the slice available in several different flavors.


A great gift; a wicker basket beautifully displays one pound loaves of our fresh baked breads. Includes Wagner’s Munster Pumpernickle, English Toasting, 100% Whole Wheat and Pumpkin Bread. This basket is adorned with a beautiful bow.

Includes 4-1# assorted Loaves: $9.99


Our fresh-baked pies are available in flavors sure to suit everyone’s needs. Our 10” pies are available in pumpkin, cherry, apple, dutch apple, peach, blueberry and coconut. Our 8” pies are available in apple, cherry, peach, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, egg custard, sugar cream, coconut custard, mince and pecan.


Available in sizes to serve 8 to 70 people, our cakes are available in white, chocolate and marble with a choice of white or chocolate icing. We also offer carrot cake with cream cheese icing and german chocolate cake with german chocolate icing. Select a design and choose your colors and we will decorate your cake just the way you want it. Photo cakes are also available. Bring in any photograph and we will make it into an edible decoration for your cake.

1/4 Sheet Cake-Serves 12-15:
1/2 Sheet Cake-Serves 30-35:
Full Sheet Cake-Serves 70-80:


Cakes priced here include flowers and wirting in your choice of colors. Edible images and decorating kits are also available for an additional charge. For extra personalization we can take a picture you bring in and make it into an edible image to use on your cake for an additional charge of $6.00 per image. You can have more than one picture used on your cake and our Bakery Staff can provide you with pricing.


Perfect for a coffee break; this tray includes 24 fresh baked mini danish pastries.

Includes 24 assorted mini danish: $13.99


Available only at Wagner’s IGA; we feature the original Munster pumpernickle bread that has been a favorite in Minster for many generations. We also have a nice selection of other breads which includes white, wheat, raisin, cinnamon, rye, honey grain, cracked wheat, english toasting, marble, italian and french breads. These breads can also be made in round loaves to use for dips or circular loaves for subs. We also carry ecce panis crusty breads in baquette, country wheat, italian garlic and sun dried tomato.


cookieOur made-to-order cookie trays feature traditional favorites like chocolate chip, peanut butter, M&M, oatmeal raisin and sugar. We also have fancy party cookies to suit the seasons.

Sm. Cookie Tray (4 doz. assort.):
Med. Cookie Tray (6 doz. assort.):
Large Cookie Tray (8 doz. assort.):
8" Decorated Cookie:
12" Decorated Cookie



bagel_trayA great way to start any day; our delicious fresh bagels come in a variety of flavors surrounding a generous center of cream cheese tucked into a fresh baked round rye bread.

Includes 12 bagels & cream cheese: $12.99


Delicious homemade Fruit Cakes are available in one or two pound holiday tins.


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Heat & Serve, Hot & Cold Meal Time Favorites


Perfect for any occasion, our golden fried or rotisserie chicken is available in buckets or larger amounts for parties. Camcarriers are available for your convenience.
Fried or Rotisserie Chicken
Pricing for Large Orders Include Equal Amounts of Each-Breasts, Thighs, Legs & Wings

50-99 Pieces:
100-199 Pieces:
200 or More Pieces:

$1.05 per piece
$1.00 per piece
.95¢ per piece

Extra of the Following with A Large Equally Divided Order


$1.99 per piece
$1.69 per piece
1.29 per piece
.69¢ per piece

Large Orders with No Wings
Includes Equal Amounts of Breats, Thighs & Legs

50-99 Pieces:
100-199 Pieces:
200 or More Pieces:

$1.40 per piece
$1.35 per piece
$1.30 per piece


Wagner’s features a large variety of delicious heat and serve main dishes from spaghetti and lasagna to meatloaf and beef or chicken and noodles. If you would prefer a cold main dish, try our Wagner’s All White Meat Chicken Salad or Ham Salad. All items are prepared fresh in Wagner’s kitchen.


Our wildly popular storemade shredded meats are available every day for you to heat, serve and enjoy. Choose from shredded beef, shredded chicken, bar-b-que beef, bar-b-que pork and sloppy joe. For large orders please give us a 2-3 day notice.

Shredded Beef:
Shredded Chicken:
BBQ Pulled Chicken:
Bar-B-Que Pulled Pork:
Sloppy Joe:

$5.99 lb.
$4.99 lb.
$4.99 lb.
$5.99 lb.
$5.99 lb.


We have a huge selection of side dishes available to help complete your meal. Some of our most popular items are mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and augratin potatoes. For cold side dishes we have all the traditional favorites such as homestyle cole slaw and potato salad along with some salads that are sure to add a little more excitement to your meal.

Hot Side Dishes & Desserts

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Green Bean Casserole
Grean Beans
Broccoli & Cheese
Augratin Potatoes
Twice Baked Potatoes
Peach Cobbler
Buttered Noodles

California Blend
Scalloped Potatoes
Cinnamon Baked Apples
Rice Pilaf
Apple Cobbler
Cheesy Hashbrowns

Cold Side Dishes & Desserts

Homestyle Potato Salad
Italian Pasta Salad
Cookis N' Cream Mousse
Penne Pasta Salad
Tapioca Pudding
Peanut Butter Cup Mousse

Homestyle Cole Slaw
Macaroni Salad
Cherry Cheesecake
Bowtie Pasta Salad
Seven Layer Salad
Veggie Ranch Pasta Salad

Pricing is available through our Deli Staff


Sliced beef and gravy and sliced turkey and gravy are available on a made-to-order basis. Call today for details.


Made-to-order Swedish meatballs, sweet and sour smokeys and hot, bar-b-que and fried wings can be purchased in any combination or quantity. Pick them up hot or cold to suit your needs.

Wagner's Wingers:


Swedish Meatballs:

Sweet & Sour Smokeys:

.79¢ EACH
Special Order

Call 2-3 days ahead
$4.99 lb.

$4.99 lb.


Wagner's Cheeseballs :
Wagner's Spinach Dip:
Wagner's Dill Dip:

$6.39 - $6.99 lb.
$3.99 - $4.99 lb.
$3.99 - $4.99 lb.

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Wagner’s Sausage Kitchen and Smokehouse

Years of tradition are our proof of quality with Wagner’s Sausage and Smoked Meats. We offer several varieties of sausage to suit all of your mealtime needs. Choose from bratwurst, casing sausage, bulk sausage, hot or sweet italian sausage and breakfast links. From our seafood department to our meat department, we are known as one of the few stores in the state to feature an oldfashioned on-premise smokehouse. Wagner’s proudly offers its storemade smoked sausage, summer sausage, and smoked salmon. Our summer sausage is even availabel in four great flavors, original, beef, garlic, and pepper corn. All of our sausage products & smoked meats can be used in gift baskets.

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