Wagner's Rewards Terms and Conditions

1. To qualify for Wagner's Rewards, you must use your Wagner's Rewards card or key fob at participating retailers. Offer is valid only at participating locations. A complete list of participating locations is available online at www.wagnersiga.com.

2. Some items, such as alcohol and tobacco products, may not be included in the
calculation of Wagner's Rewards at all participating locations due to local legal

3. Wagner's Rewards may not be awarded on the tax amount of a qualifying transaction.

4. Qualifying Purchases must be made at checkout registers where the Wagner's
Rewards Card or Member number is scanned or entered.

5. The Wagner's Rewards earned through Qualifying Purchases will be recorded on your Wagner's Rewards card account and are valid through the last day of the month following the month in which the reward was issued, unless otherwise stated on the reward issuance receipt.

6. Wagner's Rewards may be redeemed at Participating Fuel Stations by swiping your Wagner's Rewards card at the pump or scanning your Wagner's Rewards key fob inside the store. The full amount of available Wagner's Rewards will be applied to discount the fuel price until the price of fuel is reduced to twenty (20¢) cents per gallon. Any Wagner's Rewards not applied to discount the fuel price will remain on your card account balance for future fuel savings.

7. The discounted fuel delivery is limited to 15 gallons per transaction. Customer is
responsible for complying with all applicable safety rules and regulations while dispensing fuel.

8. The Wagner's Rewards Program is valid for a limited time only and may, without
advance notice, be ended. Wagner's IGA reserves the right to change, modify or cancel this program without prior notice.

9. Rewards are non-transferable, have no cash value and are non-redeemable except at Participating Fuel Stations and may not be pooled with those of another member.

10. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and must present a valid driver's
license or state issued photo identification card to enroll in the Program.

11. Participation in the Wagner's Rewards Program is subject to the terms of the Internet Use Policy and the Privacy Policy available at www.wagnersiga.com and any Policies and Procedures adopted by Fueland, Inc. or the participating locations.

12. Misuse of the Wagner's Rewards card will result in cancellation of membership and forfeiture of all accumulated Rewards.

13. Wagner's IGA is not responsible for misuse of lost or stolen cards. Lost or stolen
cards should be reported to the Fueland Inc. Customer Service Center immediately.
If you have registered your Wagner's Rewards card on our web site, www.wagnersiga.com, you may obtain a replacement card with the balance remaining on your card at the time that you request a replacement card by calling
1 (888) GOFUELAND.

14. Any questions or concerns regarding the Wagner's Rewards Program or your individual Wagner's Rewards card account should be referred to the Wagner's Rewards Customer Service Center by calling 1 (888) GOFUELAND or by contacting the customer service center online at www.wagnersiga.com. Wagner's IGA reserves the right to interpret and apply these Rules and Regulations and all determinations by Fueland, Inc. shall be final and conclusive in each case.

15. No commercial or organizational use of this program.